To get an idea of our philosophy, here are links to some of our favorite sources for inspiration and wisdom.


Equineclarity - Elsa Sinclair: We’ve worked with Elsa personally. The link is to her blog. She has a fascinating history and journey. She is the originator of Freedom Based Training. Her current project is trying to gentle two stallions of very different backgrounds.

Connection Medicine - Dr. Penny Lloyd: Dr. Penny has been the vet for TUH since we formed. She has a deep affinity for animals of all species and a magical way of supporting our relationship to them.

Keystone Equestrian - Erin Richardson: Erin is local and has been helping herd members with riding skills since we opened our doors.

The rest of the list is composed of trainers we watch obsessively but have yet to meet.

CRK Training - Callie King

Warwick Schiller

Jenny Pearce

Mark Rashid